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Customize scent!

Scent: Duckie (Lemon), Yellowstone (Leather), Twisted (Peppermint) Girly Girl (Dive Tyler Candle Co), Man (Creed), Wrangler (Black Ice), Leather and Lace, Bath and Body Works Graphite & Coconut Lime Verbena ,Blush, Naked Berry and Vanilla

Built Ford Tough

SKU: 21554345656
Excluding Sales Tax
  • Some colors vary; some scents react differently to pigments and will turn a slightly different shade.

    Glitter can be added at the customer request- just leave me a note.

    Products are customized on order to ensure freshness. Products can last up to 3 weeks. Some scents are stronger than others and may last longer! Keep in mind, hotter months will decrease the scent due to the heat.

    Do not place on dash. Do not set on plastic or wood surfaces. These are meant to hang only! Do not injest.

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